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and beans, that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. >>megyn: our guest, a teach whoever came on at 1:45 to talk about the teaching community and how they have been affected by the tragedy wrote this emotional piece. it is port but poignant. she folk -- talks how the teachers now have new eyes and lock at each other differently and are experiencing their profession much differently as are so many americans today on the day victoria soto, among others, are being laid to rest, six in total. >>shepard: the president today says he wants new proposals on limiting gun violence no later than next month. the president says our gun laws are not the only problem.
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>> three state department officials are reportedly looking for new work today. it is over fallout from the benghazi attack. the report out today slammed the state department for poor security and leadership failures. we will have the details for you. the feds are hunting if these two convicted robbers who escaped from a high-rise chicago jail using bed sheets. that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. >> first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, it won't be easy but that is not an excuse not to try. the president announce add new effort to limit gun violence five day as after the gunman stormed sandy hook elementary school armed with semi-automatic weapons and killed 26. vice president biden will lead a team of cabinet members and lawmakers and outside groups to proposal new ways to address gun
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safety and access to mental health care and a culture that glorifies guns and violence. there is already a growing consensus on where they need to start. >> a majority of members support banning the sale of military-style assault weapons. a majority of americans support banning the sale of high-capacity ammunition clips. a majority of americans support laws requiring background checks before all gun purchases so criminals cannot take advantage of legal loopholes to buy a gun from someone who will not take the responsibility of doing a background check. >>shepard: changes will not be easy. some house of representatives republicans are willing to discuss gun criminal at least as part of a broader antiviolence effort. >> it is our top story. what happens next, shannon? >> vice president vice president
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vice president biden is tacked with coming up with what the president called concrete roam dangerous by the end of john looking at gun laws and mental health policies and the entertainment industry. they will be translated into specific proposals. he will look to members who are willing to get something done. a congresswoman whose husband was killed in a mass shooting believes the urgency is there. >> this time it is different. you know the time is different because there is so much anger when you talk to people there is anger behind their voices. why are we allowing this to continue? >> the president took heat on why he didn't tackle gun issues in the first term. he pointed out he was busy with the economy and to wars and health care saying i don't think i have been on vacation. >>shepard: where are the
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republicans? >>reporter: quiet. there have been discussions with leadership acknowledging they have to have conversations about gun laws and mental health issues. there is legislation being put up by democratic members in the house of representatives to ban high capacity clips that hold more than ten bullets. colorado democrat is one of the sponsors. >> in over 24 hours we have picked up 21 cosponsors. we believe we will have more by the end of the day. sadly, no consponsors are republicans. we have approached many of our republican friends and colleagues. some are thinking about it. we hope they think hard about it. we hope speaker boehner will bring this bill to the floor by friday. >>reporter: there do not appear to plans to bring the legislation up for a vote. you,.
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new political reasons now for gun control. six more victims low tide rest, three children today. earlier connecticut police escorted a hearse with victoria soto trying to protect her students she died hiding them in a closet. back-to-back funerals with mourners today paying respects to the school principal there who reportedly died trying to stop the gunman after he forced his way into the school. investigators are trying to figure out why he did it. what drove the 20-year old to kill all those people, mostly kids? a person who knew the family says lanza may have snapped after learning his mother was landing to commit him to a psychiatric facility.
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he may have thought his mother cared more about the school kids with whom she volunteered more than she cared about him of the likely, we will never know for sure. connecticut chief medical examiner is looking into genetic clues that could provide answers about the young man who left behind so much carnage. rick, what is the latest? rick: well, as you mentioned, the medical examiner is asking for help from scientist on what might have led him down the dark path. the medical examiner is waiting for toxicology results and does not know if he has asperger syndrome which is part of autism. the medical examiner and not think it is a factor because it is not associated with violence but the motive if killing his mother and mother could be known. according to a young marine who has lived here in sandy hook all
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his life, he told fox news that adam found out his mom landed to have him committed to a psychiatric institute and was very angry. he was jealous of the time his mother was spending at sandy hook elementary school volunteering with kindergarteners. adam thought his mom loved the kids more than she loved him. a police source told fox news that the fear of being committed is being investigated as a possible motive. >>shepard: more victims are being remembered today. rick: an emotional set of services and ceremonies across this area including a very powerful tribute on the streets here in newtown, connecticut, a tribute to the seven-year-old who wanted to grow up to be a firefighter like his dad's cousins in new york city so firemen from across connecticut and from new york itself showed up to line the path of the funeral procession and they packed the church where the boy was remembered as fearless in the pursuit of happiness.
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also, the teamer victoria soto rebelled -- remembered as a hero and paul simon sang "sound of silence," in honor of the 27-year-old who hid her children in a closet. >> beautiful person and she made the ultimate sacrifice that i don't think a lot of people could have done. god bless her, she saved a lot of people. >> this afternoon the principal, dawn hochsprung is being remembered in woodbury, connecticut. her funeral will be private. >>shepard: we reported on the president's talk on gun control. he also said today he is pretty close to a deal with republicans that could keep us from plunging off the so-called fiscal cliff. the president says he wants lawmakers to peel off the partisan war paint. at the same time, the white house vowed to veto a so-called
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plan (b) from house speaker boehner allowing tax breaks to expire on incomes above $1 million for the time being. the president's latest offer sets the level to end tax breaks at $400,000. remember, we are set to go over the fiscal cliff in two weeks. economists are wanting that the purge of tax hikes and spending cuts could trigger another bad recession if lawmakers cannot get a deal. now to ed henry like on the not lawn. this poe tell deal could -- this potential deal could be falling apart? >>reporter: that is right. top advisors said when speaker boehner came out with the plan (b) yesterday which the white house is threatening to veto, they say plan (a), the $4 trillion deficit deal started falling apart. all communications have been cut off. they are making no progress on that. the president came out and had this news conference that was
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supposed to be about the reaction to the tragedy in connecticut but he got questions from the media about the fiscal cliff negotiations. the president tried to strike an optimistic tone saying he thinks we can still get a deal but he used the tragedy in connecticut and hurricane sandy to say it is time to compromise. >> you think what we have again through the last couple of months, a devastating hurricane and now one of the worst tragedies this our memory, the country deserves folks to be willing to compromise on behalf of the greater good. >>reporter: a senior advisor said as you noted the president had $400,000 in terms of a threshhold for tax hikes and speaker boehner 59 $1 million the 39 advisors say if they compromise at half a million we would have a deal in a few
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hours. we are not there, though, so plans for the for the go on hawaii are on hold. >>shepard: the president got questions on the fiscal cliff rather than the gun tragedy and twitter blew up. what do we get from speaker boehner on this? >>reporter: he was not pleased that the president was hitting the plan (b) so hard because speaker boehner believes this is the way forward here to have some sort of a compromise. democrats say, wait, he may not have enough republican votes to get it through the house for the $1 million threshhold. if he gets it through the house of representatives, the senate majority leader will not bring it up but speaker boehner tried to frame it this way. >> tomorrow the house of representatives will pass legislation to make faction relief permanent for every american 99.81 percent of the american people and the president will have a decision
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to make, he can call on senate democrats to pass that bill or he can be responsible for the largest tax increase in american history. >>reporter: speaker boehner trying to frame it about being all about taxes. the white house is saying there is more that should be on the table such as extension of unemployment benefits and a week after christmas if they cannot agree on a broader budget deal two million people are going to lose unemployment benefits. there will be a lot of angry people. >>shepard: in doubt. thank you, ed. pakistan is a walking disaster. militants there have a new target: humanitarian workers who are just trying to save children's lives with a complete report on the taliban leaders accusing the aid workers of trying to sterilize muslims. rebels in syria have the leader in a corner this afternoon. they say they are very afraid
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>>shepard: a syrian rebel commander fears the president there, bashar al-assad, will unleash chemical weapons on his
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people. the rebel general who defected from the syrian army is telling the associateed press his regime can and will use chemical weapons unless the international community helps the rebels take him out. the syrian military is carrying out a new offensive in damascus. the state-run news agency says troops have killed scores of terrorists which is the name for the "rebels." the opposition captured military bases in the area. but fox cannot independently confirm that. the united nations is appealing for $1.5 billion to provide aid to the syrian people amid the deadly civil war. deadly and lacking food and water and medical supplies. jonathan hunt is with us. despite the rebels' gains this is an uneven fight. >>jonathan: you only need to look at the firepower to realize the syrian army has tanks. they have artillery.
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they have war planes. they have helicopters. the rebels are largely using rifle, rocketed propelled grenades and only a handful of surface-to-air missiles. by the admission of the commander, they remain very much a ragtag bunch. >> we are planning battles in the operation room and trying to be organized working on cooperation with all groups. this is a difficult task. we are not a proper army yet. it is not easy to teach those fighters to have discipline. >>jonathan: those are the main problems. that is why bashar al-assad has been hanging on so long because the rebels are determined but they are thought unified and they are not disciplineed. they do not have the weapons to bring about a final critical battle. >>shepard: the commander is voicing serious concerns about chemical weapons and whether there is an attempt to get people in there or a real
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concern, i don't know how we know. >>jonathan: he is making it a very real concern. we heard officials say they have real concerns about the chemical weapons. the syrian rebel commander says as a former member of the army he knows what bashar al-assad's regime has. he knows where they are. he says he very much fears a desperate president assad will use them. this is the word of a rebel commander. he has a vested interest in saying these things. we talked yesterday with former defense secretary cohen of the concerns over this intelligence and that is what u.s. officials have to weigh, how much they trust the voices on the ground among a ragtag bunch of rebels. >>shepard: now the kidnapping ordeal surrounding the nbc news team including their chief foreign correspondent richard engel in syria.
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after the escape, one team member was still unaccounted for. nbc reports today that man, too, is safe. remember, according to the network gunman kidnapped and blindfolded richard engel along with several colleagues. the report is they tied them up, threatened to kill them and tried to make them choose which of them should be shot first. according to nbc news, the team managed to escape after a firefight but amid the gunshot aztecal support staffer got separated from the group. today, nbc news confirmed that worker is free and "said to be in good condition." doctors will evaluate him when he gets to turkey and all of the nbc news team now safe thankfully out of syria. >> armed. dangerous. a couple of bank robbers escaping prison from 20 stories up in the air. there is video. we will show you how they pulled this off.
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>>shepard: a horrible scene in pakistan, gunman have shot and killed eight humanitarian workers in the last couple of days according to officials in pakistan. those workers were vaccinating people against the crippling disease polio. militants say they cannot continue unless the united states quits the drone strikes. they claim the united nations program is actually an attempt to sterilize must hims. and a cover for espionage. the shootings have forced the united nations to suspend the program in parts of pakistan and pull workers off the streets. the world health organization reports the polio epidemic is a problem in three nations: afghanistan, nigeria and
12:24 pm
pakistan. the united nations reports 50 cases of the disease across pakistan alone this year and it is working to immunize presidents of kids under the age of five. we have the former state department under secretary who is professor of international politics at harvard kennedy school of government. not the first time we have heard this tactic used to scare the people into thinking the good guys are the bad guys but this is especially worrysome. >>guest: it is infuriating. it shows the lawless nature of much of pakistan and especially it shows the cynicism and the ignorance of the taliban and the other terrorist groups who do not care for the children of pakistan. they care more about their own ideology. polio is nearly eradicated
12:25 pm
world-wide but for these three countries. it is infuriating to see the taliban not accept elementary standards of behavior toward their own children in pakistan. >>shepard: you look around the world for that matter and it is hard to find a place that is more of a problem for the world than pakistan. i don't know how the world tackles this. >>guest: if many ways if you look at all the security threats from pakistan, it is the most dangerous country in the world. mostly because its central government is so weak and doesn't hold sway over major parts of the country such as the northwest frontier provinces and this is a united nations program to help erradicate polio, about as good a program as anyone could hope to fund but you have the government not able, to date, not able to protect the health workers who are trying to vaccinate the kids, two people
12:26 pm
killed today, health workers not willing to go into the streets physical there is adequate security. the pakistani government has to step up and do the right thing and protect these people who are running these polio vaccine programs. >>shepard: history tells us protecting people against the taliban is not something the government is willing to do. >>guest: it certainly hasn't. that has been the problem of the afghan people because the taliban enjoy a sanctuary as they strike across the border but here the taliban is using, their, influence inside pakistan itself so it is a crisis. it is a humanitarian crisis. it is also a political crisis, a time real testing for the pakistani government. >>shepard: thank you, professor burns. >> changes are coming at the state department less than an day after an independent report on the benghazi attack became public what revelations. at least three state department
12:27 pm
staffers are reportedly out of their jobs today. the details from the report are ahead and what has happened since. it is a heavy snow, and now the forecasters warn it could pack some december tornadoes. who is about to get it? where is it going next? ♪ the weather outside is frightful ♪ ♪ but the fire is so delightful ♪ nothing melts away the cold like a hot, delicious bowl of chicken noodle soup from campbell's. ♪ let it snow, let it snow
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>>shepard: i am shepard smith and this is "studio b" at the bottom of the hour. three officials at the state department reportedly resigned today amid a new report in the wake of a new report, that is, on the deadly attack in benghazi, libya. that is what a source is telling the associated press. the independent report blasts systematic failures in state department leadership for "grossly inadequate security" at the compound but it did not
12:31 pm
remediesbly near action for any specific official. the attack killed the u.s. ambassador to libya and three other americans on september 1 1 of this year. secretary of state, hillary clinton thanks the board for the new report and added "we will never preventivery act of terrorism or achieve perfect security. however our diplomats can not work in bunkers." she was set to testify at a public hearing on capitol hill tomorrow but the state department reports that will not happen because she is still involving from a recent concussion. according to the latest poll conducted last week, 59 percent of americans surveyed approve of the job that hillary clinton is doing and 29 percent disapprove. we just heard from the report port lead investigators. what are they saying? >>guest: this is the 39-page report that prevents facts and
12:32 pm
uncomfortable conclusions stating specifically that there was no demonstration prior to the attack. that al qaeda and affiliates are not dead, they have found a new home or safe haven in eastern libya and there were systematic failures which is code for multiple failures and stops short laying the blame with secretary clinton. >> it is in our view the appropriate place to look is the assistant secretary, where the decisionmakinging takes place, where the rub are hits the road. >> as for the military response, there is no fault claiming the attack on the consulate was over in less than half an hour and nothing more could be done. >> this was not enough time for u.s. military forces to have made a difference. having said that, it is not reasonable or feasible to tether forces at the ready to respond
12:33 pm
to protect every high risk post in the world. >> the administration officials today emphasize the fact that the secretary of state has adopted all 29 of the recommendations, five are classified. there were no briefings at the state department or the white house today which meant that no administration official was on camera on the record responding to the report's finding. >>shepard: catherine, what kind of reaction do you get from lawmakers? >>reporter: we heard from a senior democrat who characterized the report this way. >> the conclusion is very stark, very candid, very honest, and told us the following. the mistakes remain made. lives were lost. and lessons need to be learned. america cannot retreat from a dangerous world. it is important for us to be there to not only protecting our values but protecting american citizens. >>reporter: as for secretary
12:34 pm
of state, hillary clinton she is not testifying this week as you mentioned but that did not stop senior republicans from calling her to appear on capitol hill at a later date. >> i do think it is imperative for all concerns she testify in an opposition prior to any changing of the regime. that is very important for her. it is very important if our country. >>reporter: if there is one key piece that is missing from this report it is the policy piece and only secretary clinton can answer for that. so, why was it the administration decided to pursue this lightfoot print or minimal security footprint when there was growing evidence in the months leading to the attack the security conditions were deteriorating? this report cites no less than 20 security related incidents some targeting the consulate itself. >>shepard: thank you, catherine. >> we are watching a powerful line of storms packing a threat of tornadoes along with blizzard
12:35 pm
conditions and the chance of more than 1' of snow. you can see the storm stretches across several states this afternoon. blizzard wantings in affect from colorado to wisconsin the forecasters say folks in wisconsin can expect the snow to keep falling the rest of the week. merry christmas. and our meteorologist is here. this looks bad. >> it is very powerful. we have half a dozen states under blizzard wantings and winter weather advisories from the rockies all the way to the great lakes. yes, we will have a white christmas but we have a messy travel day ahead us today through tomorrow and friday. there is the satellite, and the storm is winding up ejecting across the rockies and we could have potential for severe weather but blizzard conditions are the immediate impact from colorado to wisconsin and the red you see here, impressive
12:36 pm
blizzard wantings. that means we will see heavy snow, gusts up to 50 miles per hour, plus, and blowing out snow on top of that so it will lead to very messy driving conditions. you are not going to be able to be on the road overnight tonight and into tomorrow in the areas you saw shaded in red. the wind gusts, 50 miles per hour, shaded in the dark blue, kansas city, des moines, and even chicago on thursday evening, and detroit as well, and friend bay, so it will cripple travel wednesday and thursday, friday it moves across the eastern states but there is the snow accumulation, a white christmas for a lot of folks. the bad news is we have to get through the blizzard conditions so 6" to 12" and maybe 18" of snow and friday across the interior sections of the northeast. >>shepard: and dixie is getting it bad. >>guest: the warm side of the storm could give us hail and damaging wind and tornadoes across the mississippi river
12:37 pm
valley. tonight and tomorrow through the southeast. that is a lot of real estate impacted by severe weather. >>shepard: thank you, janice deem. retailers are racking up fewer sales than predicted for the holiday. the retail monitoring firm reports they are cutting their holiday sales forecast from 3.3 percent over last year to 2.5 percent over last year. the firm reports that shopping has dropped since thanksgiving week end. online only retailers including amazon and e-bay are moving toward opening brick and mortar stores. we have the chief business correspondent for u.s. news and world report and author of "rebounders how winners pivot from set backs to success." brick and mortar for amazon? >>guest: that is crazy to think about but shoppers are going to the online site and that is picking up trend and now
12:38 pm
we have the online sites going to retail helping them to deliver pack ans quickly in the late stages of holiday when the retailers cannot guarantee they will get the package there by christmas. >>shepard: it looks so rosy on black friday and the horror of shop on thursday, it locked good then but i understand that every day folks across the nation are concerned about the fiscal cliff and they do not know what they will pay so they are cutting back. >> it is dawning on shoppers this is for real and it could be a problem, their tax could go up in 2013 so they are saying if my taxes are going up or congress could cause a recession i better start preparing for that. the c.e.o. of wall -- walmart are aware of the fiscal cliff. this can make a difference between a good and bad holiday
12:39 pm
season. >>shepard: the big hope is over the last tuesdays when you cannot always grant the shipments get to your house the people of flood the brick and mortar stores. >>guest: we are at the crunch point that determines whether there is good holiday shopping or not coming up against the wall of the fiscal cliff so in a way congress and washington can decide whether it is happy christmas or not. >>shepard: they need to get on it. a month ago would have been good. we will take it tomorrow or the next day. >>shepard: but it is washington and they will look at it and laugh. >> two inmates pulled off a daring escape from a skyscraper jail in downtown chicago. officials say they used bed sheets to make a 200' long rope, and squeezed out of a small window 20 stories up, and scaled down the outside of this
12:40 pm
high-rise lockup using their homemade rope. they are said to be the first to escape a federal facility in almost two decades. both are convicted bank robbers each facing a harsh sentence. fbi officials say they consider them armed and dangerous. trace has much more on this. how long before officials realized they were missing? you could have looked out the window. >>trace: they know that both of these guys were present for the 10:00 head count on monday night but the bed sheets were not seen until about 7:00 the next morning so this was about an 8 1/2 or nine hour gap the jump they could is gotten. they have been identified and we know that during the night the convicts went to the chicago suburbs and to the homes of his mother and his brother and now as you might imagine the neighbors are a bit on edge.
12:41 pm
>> my wife and i remain a little bit worried. she made sure the doors were locked. last night, we had all the lights on outside, and all the yard, the whole neighborhood, people that usually didn't leave the lights on left them on. >>trace: escape 83 banks was good sewing and those skills may have played a part in this whole escape. >>shepard: a lot work went into it. do they think there was a lot planning. >>trace: you look at the rope and to make the 200' long sheet hope would take 35 or 40 sheets and it was tied off every 6'. there were window bars stucked in thement tresses with beds stuffed under the blankets to make it look like people were sleeping there, and joseph banks robbed banks for $600,000 and
12:42 pm
that money was never found so authorities say he could have ample resources and another concern is that banks, also, vowed redemption on the court and there is in word if the judge who presided over his trial is now seeking some extra protection if this case continues. >>shepard: investigators may have finally solved a murder mystery after more than 50 years. the new chews lead to a pair of killers, already known for another gruesome crime. a murder mystery half a century in the making with resolution coming next.
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>>shepard: police have exhumed the bodies of killers featured in "in cold blood." the two killers were hanged for killing an entire family in
12:46 pm
kansas back in 1959. now, police are looking at their remains to determine whether they are linked to the murders of another family from a murder that happened weeks later in florida. they say advanced d.n.a. testing could finally provide answers. and now phil is live in florida. phil, we know the killers went to florida after the murders in kansas. phil: after the murders in kansas and before their arrest if las vegas they were six weeks on the run and several witnesses spotted the two of them from the famous book, in sarasota the day of and the day after the walker killings. on that day, 53 years ago today, either the killer or killers also raped a young wife leaving semen behind. a detective spent four years dedicated to solving this crime and i believe the key is the car
12:47 pm
>> they were driving a stolen 1956 chevrolet and the walker family wasshipping for a 1956 chevrolet and they are basically the same vehicle. phil: the day after the killings, witnesses say his face has scraps and another great clue the pocket knife belonging to mr. walker disappeared and dick had a pocket knife like it on him when he was arrested in las vegas. >>shepard: you tracked down the man what founded bodies. what did he say? phil: like every other 82-year-old i meet in florida he will believe it when he sees it but he tells me he still thinks of that discovery practically every day and still losing sleep and until the bone fragments are connected, he will not bite.
12:48 pm
>> we will solve this in a few days. a few days. and a few days. then a few months. and a few months rocked ton a few years. and then it was a lot of yours. phil: it has 53 years and the sheriff department still receives tips about this unsolved major crime about every year. we should have some sort of d.n.a. identification or no connection the next few days or weeks. >>shepard: thank you, phil. the former federal judge robert bork whose fail nomination to the supreme court made a lot of history, has died. james? >>reporter: conservatives from capitol hill are remembering robert bork has a giant the he first gained nationwide attention for the cameo in the watergate story during the saturday night massacre of october 1973.
12:49 pm
he was the none three official in the justice department and he did what the attorney general at time and the deputy attorney general resigned rather than do which was to follow the order and fire the first watergate special prosecutor, mr. cox who was seeing access to the tapes. by the summer of 1987 he was a sitting judge in washington, dc, when president reagan nominated him to the supreme court. the confirmation hearings became a nasty and defining battle with the democrats controlling the senate judiciary committee including then senator biden, applying with liberal advocacy groups to portray him as a far right wing threat to blacks and women and the right of flow speech. he was defeated by 58-42 and remained bitter for the unfair novemberification -- vilification. the process became known as "borking" and he wrote on judicial activism and the dangers of moral relativism.
12:50 pm
>> a strong strain of extreme individuals in america and you hear people saying, well, it is wrong but who am i to judge, which is kind of a frightening thing f we cannot judge what is right and wrong we are this deep trouble. we are. >> the family says he died from complications from heart ailments. robert bork was 85. >>shepard: thank you, james. do you take an aspirin a day to keep a heart attack or stroke away? a lot of people do but now researchers have just linked that drug to blindness. what it means to you and color family, next. bayer aspirin was the first thing the emts gave me. now, i'm on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. [ woman ] learn from my story.
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>> a new warning of the common
12:54 pm
painkiller aspirin. researchers at the university of wisconsin say taking it regularly for 10 years could up the risk of a type of permanent blindness. 20 percent of americans take it routinely but the eye condition is so rare that any increased risk is very small. we have a doctor from nyu medical center. i read this and i am like, well, they are trying not to get a heart attack and this eye thing is rare. >>guest: what happens mask particular which is the center of the retina can regenerate, but this is a relatively rare condition so although the study shows it was a double risk if you take as written if more than 10 years you still only talking about 1 in 100 cases. it is a leading cause of blindness for the elderly but
12:55 pm
this is quite rare. your heart will kill you if it is not working. your eyes, not is much. so you have to weigh the risks and talk to your doctor but even over-the-counter medications can have long term effects so do not assume because you can buy it without a prescription it is totally safe. if you have a chronic medical condition or you are taking other medicine check with me or talk to the pharmacist before you grab the medication over-the-counter. >>shepard: almost all of them bury aspirin and along comes the daily as written and it is all they advertise. >>guest: it is one of the oldest medicines we have but it has been shown to have great benefits for heart, preventing stroke, and now, many types of cancer could be prevented. so, it can be good for you but it can irritate your stomach and can cause ulcers. >>shepard: only the amount of a baby aspirin.
12:56 pm
>>guest: they did not find a big difference how much they took and the increased risk so even the baby aspirin could have this effect. >>shepard: everyone is on twitter. iran's supreme leader, ayatollah, does not practice what he preaches. he has joined facebook. of course, no one else in iran is allowed in facebook but, well, the ayatollah, what do you think he has posted? we're at walmart with the simmons family.
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from america's gift headquarters. walmart. ♪
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>>shepard: iran's sigh prime leader has joined facebook and has more than 10,000 "likes" according to the twitter account which is run by his staff. here is a shot, an official profile page, he has his picture there hanging
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